Chris Brown Dives into NFT
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3/8(화) 오후 3시
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2. 화이트리스트 최종 발표

3/12(토) 오후 3시

About Chris Brown

Chris Brown, the best entertainer in the 21st century

after ‘Michael Jackson’ and ‘Usher’!

His albums are always filled with high quality vocals, rap, dance and fashion.
Soon, Chris will once again top the charts with his new song, music video and colorful, stylish performance.

Chris Brown has topped Billboard chart for years and has received numerous awards.
He is truly an all-round entertainer with so many talents and he is proficient in various genres.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the special experience of owning his music through NFT.


World’s first decentralized music copyright

investment NFT Project

Chris Brown and Mintpang started the first Decentralized Music Copyright Investment NFT project.

This project publishes a total of 10,000 Klaytn-based NFTs for Chris Brown's new songs,
NFT holders(owners) can receive monthly music revenue distribution through staking.

What's different from the existing music copyright investment platform is
that the music copyright right of the creator is distributed to the NFT holders, not the artist's stake.

If NFT owners support and promote artists, the rewards will increase accordingly.
Together with the artists you support, you can make a companion community.


Chris Brown NFT

Total 10,000
(Sales 9,000 + Hold by Mintpang 1,000)

  • 3/14 MON
    AM 10:00 ~ 17:00

    1st whitelist sale
    250 KLAY

  • 3/14 MON
    PM 17:10 ~ 20:00

    2nd whitelist sale
    300 KLAY

  • 3/15 TUE
    AM 10:00 ~ 18:00

    3rd public sale
    400 KLAY

  • 3/15 TUE
    PM 18:00 ~
    Operate until sold out

    4th unsold
    350 KLAY

  • Staking rewards 1/10,000 (Total staking rewards = Copyrights)
  • Priority for the next project whitelist application


Decentralized music copyright investment NFT project

A music copyright investment project that distributes Chris Brown's new song copyright distribution profits in the form of compensation for NFT staking.

Mintpang produces an music independently.

Mintpang directly participates in the music production, the rights of the producer are exclusively secured. 100% of copyright music distribution revenue corresponding to the producer's share is equally distributed to NFT holders.

Wide range of holder rights and benefits

We share the variety of benefits that come from this project with NFT holders.
Special NFT airdrop and Mintpang Season 2 NFT priority are provided.

For CBDN NFT, 10% royalties are applied when re-trading at Opensea, 3% of this will be redistributed to the first purchaser.
(Opensea re-transaction royalty distribution is applied for 2 years after initial minting)


  • “Chris Brown dives into NFT”
  • Publication of congratulations and promotions in blockchain magazines and media
  • Releas of Chris Brown's new song
  • IP (intellectual property) registration on the music distribution platform
  • Chris Brown Limited Edition X Mintpang NFT Airdrop
    (Next Artist NFT Priority Granted)
  • NFT Staking begin,
    Start sharing revenue
  • Mintpang platform and governance open
  • Mintpang Club opens in the metaverse with artists
  • Season 2 Next Artist open


1 What is Chris Brown dives into NFT project?

Chris Brown dives into NFT is an NFT investment project based on the copyright of the music produced by Mintpang.

In the world, there are already monetization platforms for music sources and investment models for many other digital creative works.

However, the exact distribution structure for various rights and advertising expenses, including distribution of copyright fees, are not known, and the reality is that various rights holders do not receive proper IP (intellectual property rights) revenue.

We started this project to solve this problem through a blockchain-based business model.

By issuing an NFT that uses the royalty as a staking reward, which has the authority as a music producer, holders own and trade the IP of the producer position, This project was started in order to be able to share the profits transparently and fairly.

The first Artist is “Chris Brown”.

2 Who made Chris Brown dives into NFT?

Mintpang becomes the producer of the music and holds the copyright to the music and proceeds the project. Mintpang is responsible for overall planning, operation, and implementation of the project.

BTRIPS is in charge of the NFT blockchain project for valuable products such as K-pop and luxury goods. In this project, BTRIPS is responsible for the planning and construction of the blockchain system, and calculates profits through cryptocurrency.

Nuplay is a music content company founded by Ecobridge. Based on K-POP, we aim to advance into the global market, we are not only interested in general pop music, but also various music-related multi-contents (videos, games, advertisements, concerts, etc.)

NUK is a partnership and governance between NFT projects. We support NFT and blockchain technology, build NFT Project Universe, and planning and marketing NFT.

3 Which blockchain is used?

Chris Brown dives into NFT is a KIP-17 token and is released on the Klaytn blockchain.

KIP-17 is the standard for NFT issuance on the Klaytn blockchain platform, and is a blockchain platform developed by Kakao’s blockchain affiliate, Ground X.

4 What is the NFT sales schedule and sales price?

1st whitelist sale [250klay] 3/14 (MON) AM 10:00 ~ 17:00(KST)

- whitelist 1,800 people / MAX 3

2nd whitelist sale [300klay] 3/14 (MON) PM 17:10 ~ 20:00(KST)
-After the whitelist sale, there is no limit until the entire amount is exhausted. Will be accepted in order of application

3rd public sale [400klay] 3/15 (TUE) AM 10:00 ~ 18:00(KST)

4th unsold [350klay] 3/15 (TUE) PM 18:00 ~ Operate until sold out

5 What is the total issuance?
A total of 10,000 will be issued, 1,000 will be held by Mintpang and 9,000 will be sold. Mintpang will hold the 1,000 and it will be used for developing and maintaining the ecosystem. Sales quantity and policy will be announced separately.
6 What are gas and transaction costs?

Transactions of blockchain-based virtual assets (including NFTs) incur a fee, which is called gas, and this fee is called gas fee.

Therefore, those who want to become the holder of this project must have an extra amount of Klay in their wallet in addition to the purchase price.

Chris Brown dives into NFT team is working hard to cut gas and transaction costs.

The Klaytn based blockchain has a significantly lower gas fee compared to the ETH based blockchain.

7 What happens if the whitelist sale is not sold-out?
After the sale to the whitelist, the remaining amount will go through a public sale.
8 What if the public sale is not sold-out?
We plan to operate a regular sales channel for unsold NFT.
9 What are the benefits of becoming a holder?

NFT holders of this project can receive a reward equal to the rights granted to the NFT according to the revenue generated by the copyright through staking, and will be given priority for the next project whitelist application.

First-time buyer benefits - For CBDN NFTs, 10% of royalties are applied to re-transactions at Opensea, of ​​which 3% are redistributed to first-time buyers.
(Opensea re-transaction royalty distribution is applied for 2 years after initial minting.)

10 Staking rewards are similar to copyrights, are there any differences?

It is very difficult for the public to make investment in copyright. It is also very difficult to trade the invested copyright.

As this project is designed based on copyrights generated by producing and distributing music as a producer, staking rewards are basically similar to copyrights.

The difference is that it is easy to transact on Opensea and its own trading platform (in process for opening), and the rewards are paid as virtual assets (klay) to the registered wallet.

11 How is the distribution of copyright revenue processed/compensated?

1) Distribution of music copyright revenue is carried out in the form of compensation for staking.

2) Profit distribution is calculated on a monthly basis, and Klay is paid to holders who staked on a specific day.

3) If the monthly income per NFT is less than USD 0.1, it will be carried over to the next month and will be calculated at the end of the year.

4) Payments will be withheld if your annual income is less than $1.

5) At the beginning of each year, a governance vote will be held.
(The NFT that you hold acts as voting rights.)

5-1) The NFT that did not participate in staking and the share withheld under 3) and 4) are decided by a governance vote at the end of each year.
(It is decided by methods such as additional distribution to the staked person, accumulation for the next year, or distribution to all members of Mintpang.)

5-2) It is possible to vote to change the payment coin and method.
(Corresponding to problems such as network, gas, security, etc.)

12 Is there any surprise minting?

Chris Brown dives into NFT team will never minting before the whitelist sale, nor will they contact you via DM or personally that you can minting.

All those messages are scams, so please report them to our team if you receive them.
13 Where do you minting?

Minting only takes place on the Chris Brown dives into NFT official website.

Please access only through the official link address, the official link can be found on Discord server.

14 Is minting available on mobile?
Mobile minting is not available.
15 Chris Brown dives into NFT Project links
twitter medium Telegram Discord YouTube
16 Do you have any plans for future projects?
In the future, NFT projects using music and works of various artists are planned, and NFT holders of the Chris Brown dives into NFT projects will be given priority to participate in upcoming projects.


  • btrips
  • nuk
  • nuplay
  • highsquad